Monday, 13 October 2014

Incubating Soup? Elicitation, distillation and communication in/for research

IT’S LIKE INCUBATING SOUP’: ELICITATION, DISTILLATION AND COMMUNICATION IN/FOR RESEARCH Research Workshop hosted by Alison Bell5 November 2014, 10am-1pmArt Studio 1 @ Ayr campus 
A hands-on workshop on how to use collage as an innovative way of thinking through making – for researchers and anyone wanting to start research.
 As a bridge between research and researcher, collage can be seen as a path towards deepening understanding of subjective experience. One of the advantages is that collage can seem like an intuitive way of temporarily stopping time by pinning thoughts to paper: capturing a specific moment and framing it within a given context. Visual thoughts can then be repositioned, where they interconnect with reflection and within these spaces, and an intricate web of evolving experience is created and clarity emerges.

Keywords: Visual thinking, reflexivity, collage, research 
Alison F Bell is an artist and UWS PhD candidate currently exploring methods of enquiry through creative practice, that seamlessly merge the making and the textual. Her research topic is ‘Transition, identity and gender: An auto-ethnographic study through creative practice.  She is exploring a woman’s embodied subjectivity of ageing and the inherent problems of how the self as artist and subject is to be represented.

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