Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Exhaustion Symposium, University of Kent

Doctoral researcher/artist Chris Dooks is an invited speaker at this Wellcome Trust-supported symposium at the University of Kent, Canterbury on 25th October. 

The M.E.thodologies of the Fragmented Filmmaker

There is a growing academic and artistic interest in first-person research, sensory-based methods and the rise of ‘autoethnography’. More recently, ‘the disability memoir’ or ‘autosomatography’ has arisen out of an increasing need for insider knowledge, which in turn has supported conversations within the medical humanities around issues of inclusivity and dialogue, and also has helped to articulate and analyse personal experiences of illness, paying attention to the cultural and social dimensions of wellbeing.

In this presentation I will speak about some of these methodologies in relation to my own exhaustion, how my career as a broadcast filmmaker fragmented under the illness, and how this has fed into my doctoral research. I will present extracts from works that are informed by the discoveries I made through my research, which have helped me augment and adapt to living under conditions of extreme and unpredictable exhaustion.


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