Sunday, 6 February 2011

KIN Symposium, CCA, Saturday 12th February

You are invited by artist Donna Rutherford to take part in a Symposium event connected to the intergenerational arts project KIN.

The event starts at 2pm at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow and includes refreshments before a showing at 6pm of KIN the performance. Tickets £5 (£4) tel 0141 352 4900

“As time speeds up, the future and its inevitable deteriorations get closer. Just as you become slow
er at everything you do, take longer to do the simplest things, you find yourself hurtling downhill with no brakes.”

With reference to the material gathered and created by Donna we shall be discussing the universally emotive issues raised by KIN alongside the following concerns: 

•Artist approaches in a Health context – the value of such projects

•Ethics and Dynamics of working on sensitive or very personal material

•“Parenting Classes” - healthier attitude broaching inevitable future care

KIN explores the fear, sorrow, anger, guilt and frustration but also the love, trust and laughter to be found as middle-aged children negotiate the changes in their relationship with an ageing parent.

Donna has been developing this two part project, comprising audio installation and performance, over the last year. Performers reveal to camera concerns of their own ageing while dealing with their parents’ increasingly glacial pace of life. Testimonies are linked during a live performance by Rutherford.

Waiting Room Tour - the experiences of middle-aged sons and daughters and their parents, come to life through listening posts in the waiting rooms of health centres and hospitals around Glasgow (also in the CCA foyer).


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