Monday, 17 January 2011

Imagining Europe, Representing Periphery: The Body Language

Current Issues in European Cultural Studies 2011

 June 15–17, Norrköping, Sweden

Call for contributions

Stream: Imagining Europe, Representing Periphery: The Body Language

The Berlin Wall is one of the symbolic walls that prevail in the geopolitics of Europe, despite its physical disappearance.
A section of the Berlin Wall, now the East Side gallery, reminds us about the political, socio-economic and cultural divide between the West and the East. Symbolic walls are more powerful that their physical manifestations. It is being on the ‘right’ side of the wall that determines the versions of sovereignty, the citizenship-related entitlements, including the economy of the rights, and in a way, of the body.
The body can be seen as one of the signifiers of the wall crossing, the border crossing, migration routes and various diasporas.
We invite artists and academics to submit a visual piece, an image, a documentary or a short film, addressing and questioning the possibilities for imagining Europe while representing its peripheries, either as a physical body or as a body of knowledge.
Please submit your proposals including visual material AND a 200-word abstract/description by email to both convenors.
Information about the conference and submission instruction

Deadline is 14th February 2011.
Dr Katarzyna Kosmala Centre of Contemporary European Studies, University of the West of Scotland, UK Email:
Prof Ryszard Kluszczyński Department of Media and Audiovisual Culture, University of Łódź, Poland Email:


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