Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Call for papers: Practice-led research in the arts

Special Issue on Practice-Led Research in the Arts

Creative Industries Journal (Intellect),id=145/

The Creative Industries Journal is planning a Special Issue on Practice-Led Research in the Arts/Creative Industries.

Ideas for papers looking at any aspect of Practice-Led Research in the Arts are greatly welcomed, as are "work-in-progress" suggestions. Approaches to Practice-Led Research  in the Arts/Creative Industries - from all disciplines that work in the area - are greatly encouraged.

Suggested topics/foci might be as "blue skies" as entirely speculative individual investigations of creative or critical knowledge in a particular arts practice (eg. Creative Writing, Film-making, Drama, Fine Art, Art and Design, Music, Architecture). Or topics might focus on "sector specific/knowledge transfer" type investigations, linked to the needs/aims of particular Creative Industries sub-sectors. All welcome.

This Special Issue will be an opportunity to explore the many aspects of Practice-Led Research in the Arts, and to consider both the development of knowledge through arts practice research and the investigation of modes of engagement, actions and activities, and critical understandings.

While undoubtedly it will be impossible to cover every possible area of this considerable set of human practices, it would be pleasing to show a great cross-section.

Initial enquiries - preferably by 1st September - can be made to:

Professor Graeme Harper FRSA, Special Issue Editor, at:

Deadline for drafts will be: 31 October 2010

Final Drafts: 1 December 2010


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