Tuesday, 30 March 2010

>>El Sur >> Buenos Aires April 2010

Collectivity for/in a Sustainable World:
Movements, Political Organizations and Governance

Simultaneous differences make a dialogue. Our collaborative stream in LAEMOS in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, co-organised with colleagues from Kingston University, London and Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Buenos Aires invites multiplicity of views that reflect the desire for social, political and economic change that dominant market discourse has ignored for some time. We focus on the question of how anti-globalisation and activist movements, various grass-roots organizations and locally formed community groups have contributed to disrupting current governance forms, institutions and its logic of sustainability. We also draw on the art-based methods as a way of ‘social movement’ that somehow encapsulate this challenge to existing forms of governance through lens-based representation and through participation; a challenge of breaking the paradigmatic consensus in knowledge re/production.

While in Buenos Aires, we also engage with the question of representation through heteroglossic story-telling of Fabricas Recuperadas Inc. What we hope to illustrate is how the local community through co-operative initiatives IMPA Ciudad Cultural and collaborations with Centro Cultural de la Cooperacion and the recovered enterprises in Buenos Aires area can potentially re-territorialise the crisis experience, bringing authenticity back into the globalisation-'framed' narrative.

Research project Katarzyna Kosmala


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